If you are thinking that you can't afford a wedding planner, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn differently. At Exclusively Yours, we offer wedding planning to fit all budgets and needs. All-inclusive planning covers budget advice, design advice, bringing your personalities into your wedding, ideas for decor, themes, and invitations and favors, as well as assistance with venue and vendor contracts, menus, and logistics. The fee for this type of planning is usually based on a percentage of the cost of the wedding.   Ala carte planning allows you to make arrangements for the details you have time for, or experience with, and specifies whatever you wish us to take care of for you. Often the bride or groom knows someone personally who will do their photography, florals, or DJ for them. Ala carte planning doesn't charge you for arranging the services you don't need. The fee for ala carte planning varies, based on your requirements.   We are now offering a new service: Speed Planning. This service is perfect for the bride who is overwhelmed with how to get started planning, or needs some creative help with decor, and then can hit the ground running. Speed planning is great for the bride who is on a strict budget, because it is a one-time affordable fee for your planning consultation. It also is perfect for the bride that doesn't have time on a continuing basis to meet with a planner. The consultation will include ideas for personalizing your wedding and reception, theme and decoration ideas, inexpensive ways to use everyday items you already have, favors you can make, cutting food costs, unique and thoughtful details, and more. Your session can be via chat or Skype, and will be followed by an email with the information and ideas we discussed (so that you will have a written copy to refer to at a later time). The fee for speed planning is $25.00 for a 1/2 hour consultation, and $50.00 for a 1 hour consultation.   Let's get started planning your wedding today! Spontaneity and flying by the seat of your pants is fun and exciting for a date or a Saturday afternoon adventure, but having a plan for your wedding will help eliminate stress, and help to make you a beautiful, poised, and graceful bride on your special day. Reserve Your Date or Pay Your Deposit or Balance by PayPal   Wedding and Event Planning Services
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